The recommendation instructions are written either for staff (🧑) directly - so that they can follow the instructions on your own devices / accounts, and learn about the best practices independently, or directed at the change leader (🏗️) who can use the instructions to organise the roll-out in their organisation.

Recommendations Checklist

The action items under Preparation will assist you in strengthening your digital security. The more items from this list you complete, the less at risk your organisation's staff is while using digital technologies at work, or while carrying their devices with them. The items under Conduct are aimed at changing the behaviour and mindset of the staff in your organisation to remain vigilant and make digital hygiene and security a personal habit.

The items starting with 🔒,📱,💻,🖥️ are linked to the guides. The items starting with 🔘/✅, are just more detailed steps of the recommendation directly above them. For each set of 🔘s only one needs to be completed, for the ✅s, you can complete as many as you want.

Checklist Categories

Each of the items on the checklist will link to more detailed steps on how to implement that step. Each recommendation will list:


How important is it that this recommendation is followed, possible values are:


How much technical expertise is required to follow the recommendations, values range from:s


How much effort is typically required to follow the recommendation:


How much funding is needed for the roll out of the recommendation. Most recommendations are free, but for those that cost money, the estimate cost is given per person or device. Pricing for subscription is specified on an annual basis, and has a 🔁 to indicate the recurring nature:


In the recommendations, the following icon conventions are used:



Glossary of Terms

In the recommendations, we will use digital security terms as described by the EFF SSD which have the following meanings:


The guide was developed by Mart van de Ven.

Reach out to him with your questions or suggestions via Signal or Email. Please note that this is a public channel, so only aks questions you would be comfortable asking in public. If you want to ask any sensitive questions, please send me a personal message - my contact is available in the support channel.