📱 Text Message over E2EE Apps

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As explained in 📱 Avoid Text Messages over SMS, plain text messages are insecure and can be intercepted and redirected. We should therefore use secure communication channels instead.


What you should know

What you should do

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1. Use Signal for your Text Messages

Whenever possible, send your text messages over Signal. Follow the guides to 📱 Setup Signal and 📱 Safely use Signal.

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2. Other Text Message apps defaulting to E2EE

Signal is the preferred method for text messaging. However, other apps also offer E2EE text messaging by default. The following list of platforms also don't have the encryption keys to read your messages:

Other smaller apps which meet these criteria are Wickr, Threema, Wire, and Silence.

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3. Do not use these text message apps for sensitive conversations

The following apps either don't support E2EE text messaging, or don't have the option set by default. These apps are best avoided when discussing sensitive information over text:

Source : ExpressVPN, Slack, Microsoft, PentaSecurity, Kaspersky