💻/🖥️ Install Microsoft Windows from a Trusted Source

Preparation 🏗️ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ 🏗️🏗️ (💰) 2021-06-24


Pirated versions of Windows are widely available - in both online and physical market places. You can often get them for free - so it may be a very attractive option. However, many of these pirated (also known as "copied", "cracked", "unlocked", "illegal") versions come with hidden software that exposes your computer to risk of remote access and control. So to avoid putting your computer at risk, it's important that you obtain a copy of Windows from a trusted source - Microsoft.


What you should know

What you should prepare

What you should do

1. Install the Windows 10 Setup Tool onto a USB

We will create a Windows 10 USB Installer, so you can plug it into any computer and install Windows 10 with it:

  1. Download and launch the official Windows 10 Downloader.
    Pasted image 20210623180805.png
  2. Click "Accept" to the terms
  3. Select "Create installation media ..."
  4. Pasted image 20210623181135.png
  5. Select your language etc, and click "Next"
    Pasted image 20210623181155.png
  6. Select "USB flash drive", and click "Next"
  7. Your USB drive should show up in the list, select it and click "Next"
  8. Windows 10 will now be downloaded
    Pasted image 20210623182453.png
  9. Once downloaded, it'll create your installer, click "Finish" when it's down
    Pasted image 20210623182612.png

2. Install Windows 10

Important: Make sure the files and applications on the computer are backed up, because the following process will likely wipe the drive.

Now that you have a Windows Installer USB, you can plug it into any PC and select it when the computer is booting - how depends on your computer or motherboard brand. Google "BRAND + boot from usb" and replace BRAND with your computer's manufacturer to find the instructions.

Follow the instructions from the installer. If you are given an option to 'upgrade' this installation of windows or start from scratch, choose the option to start fresh to get rid of any software that you can't trust on your system.

When you arrive at the "Activate Windows" screen, unless you have the license key ready, select "I don't have a product key" for now.

Pasted image 20210623183245.png

Later, once you have acquired a license key, you can use it to activate Windows. Until then you can use Windows with no loss of functionality.

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