🌐 Secure a Facebook Page

Preparation 🧑 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🧑🧑 🆓 2021-08-07


A Facebook Page is often used as the public-facing communication channel of your organisation or campaign, and thus needs to be protected from unauthorised access, and in the case of sensitive information being posted on the page, anonymous administration of the page.


What you should know

What you should do

A Facebook page is managed through people's own accounts, so the key to protecting your Page from unauthorized access, is to make sure that the individual accounts are properly secured.

1. Review the Page Roles

  1. On Facebook, go to your Page.
  2. Go to Settings, and select the "Page Roles" tab
  3. Review the people listed under "Existing Page Roles" - you will want to:
    1. Remove users who have no role on the page
    2. Reduce the level of access for users who don't need full access, i.e. if someone if Admin but they are only responsible for posting content, not managing the settings of the Page, change their role type to "Editor" instead of "Admin"
    3. (Optional) If you want to manage your page anonymously, make sure that the users listed here are the "fake" identities, not the true names and profiles.

2. Securing the linked Facebook Accounts

For each of the users who have a role for the page you will want them to complete the steps in 🌐 Secure a Facebook Account.

3. Clean Identifying Information

The page might have been created when security concerns were laxer, so it would be wise to review exactly what information you are sharing publicly and whether you still want to be doing so.

  1. Go to "Page Info" in the Page Settings, and confirm whether you still want to list your "Contact" phone numbers, email addresses and address under "Location". Also scroll down to "Other Accounts" and remove any accounts you don't want to be linked with this page.
  2. Go through all the content that has been posted on your page and review it for sensitive information that you would no longer have posted in the current security climate - edit or remove these posts.

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